Roth Staffing Companies, L.P., has a single Purpose: "To make life better for the people we serve."® We understand that our company provides us a special opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

The goal of our Purpose:full charity initiative in 2017 includes a company wide partnership with the American Heart Association. Each of our teams across the U.S. supports efforts to raise awareness about heart disease and raise funds to further research efforts including more than 50 local teams participating in local Heart Walks across the U.S.

Why does Roth Staffing's family of Companies support heart health? Because we each have a story of how heart health has impacted our lives. And we have each seen the beautiful impact that medical advancements have made.

Here are just a few of our own stories:

  • Paul Darracott

    Paul Darracott Pictured above is Paul's father, Mike Darracott with his grandson Chris.

    Paul Darracott is a Business Solutions Manager in our Arlington Ledgent branch and this is his story:

    "This is for my Dad. He is a Survivor. Heart Disease affected my family at a young age. When I was in high school, my Dad suffered a major heart attack and we almost lost him. But he is a Survivor. He pulled through, changed his lifestyle and lived a full life for many years because of all the research and advances in medicine that have been made in the area of heart disease.

    Then in 2015, only a few days after Christmas, my Dad had a major stroke, and this time the recovery seemed even more challenging. But my Dad is a Survivor. He pushed through his therapy, regained the ability to use his hand and lost more weight that helped his recovery. He regained the ability to drive and took his first vacation in what seemed like forever! He was retired and relaxing. This wouldn't have been possible without the support, information and research from organizations like the American Heart Association.

    On Saturday, August 19th of this year my Dad suffered a second stroke followed shortly after by a third. The fears of 3 years ago came rushing back and this time he lost his ability to speak. But my Dad, he is a Survivor. He is in good spirits and with the support of family, friends, doctors, and organizations like AHA, he is still fighting.

    This year my Heart Walk is dedicated to my Dad, to him and the 800,000 heart attack and stroke victims in 2017."

  • Leslie Prince

    Leslie Prince Pictured above is Leslie's daughter, Courtney. Leslie is Regional Vice President for the Southeast Region of Roth Staffing Companies.

    Leslie is our Regional Vice President of the Southeast Region and this is her story:

    The term "miracle baby" doesn't even begin to describe my daughter Courtney. Around the 26th week of my pregnancy, my husband and I learned some shocking news about our daughter – her ultrasound had uncovered a very rare congenital heart defect known as Truncus Arteriosis. Essentially, Courtney was missing her aortic valve and had only one valve open to both sides of her heart. The doctors didn't know if she would survive the final weeks in the womb.

    But on December 29th, 2003, our prayers were finally answered. Courtney came into this world weighing a healthy 7 pounds, 9 ounces. Medical staff immediately transported her to a local Children's Hospital and 4 days later she underwent her first open heart surgery to implant a heart valve and repair other structures. Courtney recovered and, at the age of 5, endured her second open heart surgery to overhaul her failing heart valves and implant a mechanical aortic valve.

    Now 13 years old, Courtney is a spitfire! She is in amazing health, is incredibly active, and has no limitations (other than contact sports). Her tough journey and current good health make me realize that I'm so fortunate to work for such a great company – one that puts an emphasis on wellness and truly cares about people.

  • Lisa Hanik

    Lisa Hanik Lisa with her mom who passed away in 2010.

    Lisa is a recognized "Top Performer" at Roth Staffing. She is a Sr. Business Solutions Manager, Team Lead in the Las Vegas Ultimate Staffing branch office. This is her story:

    May 12, 2010 marks the first time I realized that heart health would irreversibly change my life. That's the day I lost my mom to heart disease. She died of a massive heart attack at the age of 62 after having survived previous heart attacks.

    I seemed to follow in her footsteps. On March 12, 2011 at the age of 39, I too had a heart attack and underwent surgery to receive two heart stints. I stopped smoking that day. I also changed my eating habits and took advantage of Roth Staffing's gym reimbursement program to join a health club, where I now exercise 3-5 times a week. I have been smoke-free since March 2011.

  • Carolyn Driedger

    Carolyn Driedger Shirley with her grandson, Carolyn's son, Adam.

    Carolyn is the Branch Manager of our Pasadena Ultimate Staffing branch office and has been a coworker at Roth Staffing Companies for 13 years! This is her story:

    I was touched when I read that Roth Staffing has developed a partnership with the American Heart Association. My mother-in-law, Shirley, experienced her first heart attack 18 years ago and needed a heart valve replacement. The surgery went smoothly and for six more years she led a practically healthy life.

    However, by the year 2000, my mother-in-law had worn out the first valve and required a second heart valve replacement. During this second surgery, doctors also added a pace maker to keep her heartbeat regular. These life changing events have been a huge reminder for my whole family that heart health is very important.

    Thanks to the research and development of the American Heart Association, my mother-in-law is alive and doing well at the age of 82 and able to watch her nine grandchildren grow up! We're thankful to have her!

Local Heart Walks

  • 2017

    These are locations where Roth teams will be participating in a local Heart Walk:
    March 4 Orange County
    March 18 Phoenix
    April 23 Broward (Fort Lauderdale)
    April 29 Twin Cities
    May 6 New Haven
    May 6 St. Louis
    May 20 Greater Portland
    May 20 Denver
    June 3 Manchester
    June 11 Detroit
    September 9 Dallas
    September 9 Boston
    September 16 San Diego
    September 23 Downers Grove
    September 23 San Francisco
    September 23 Roseville
    September 23 Sacramento
    September 23 Fremont
    September 23 San Jose
    September 23 Pleasanton
    September 30 Las Vegas
    October 1 Raleigh
    October 14 Hartford
    October 14 Baltimore
    October 14 Columbia
    October 14 Frederick
    October 14 Timonium
    October 21 Fresno
    October 21 Austin
    November 4 Atlanta
    November 4 Washington
    November 4 Arlington
    November 4 San Antonio
    November 11 Tampa
    November 11 Clearwater
    November 18 Orlando
    December 9 Houston
  • 2016

    2016 local Heart Walks:
    March 5 Orange County
    March 19 Phoenix
    April 23 Broward
    May 7 New Haven
    May 14 Minneapolis/St. Paul
    May 14 Metro St. Louis
    May 14 Metro Detroit
    May 21 Oregon
    June 4 Denver
    June 4 Nashua
    September 10 Orlando
    September 10 Boston
    September 10 Dallas
    September 16 Bay Area
    September 17 San Diego
    September 17 Uta
    September 18 Northern Nevada
    September 24 Sacramento
    September 24 Palm Beach
    September 24 Atlanta
    September 27 Bergen Passaic
    October 1 Ventura
    October 1 Chicago
    October 2 Raleigh
    October 2 Pleasanton
    October 8 Greater Baltimore
    October 15 Austin
    October 15 Hartford
    October 22 Fresno, Central Valley
    October 22 Silicon Valley
    October 23 New Jersey
    October 29 Tanglewood, NC (Apex)
    November 5 Greater Washington DC
    November 5 Las Vegas
    November 5 Houston
    November 12 San Antonio
    November 12 Tampa Bay